Window Tinting


Be Cool Look Hot!

Dr. Detroit’s Window Tinting will fit your style just right and dramatically enhance the appearance of any vehicle.

Tinting lets you burn up the road, while keeping your car’s interior cool and comfortable. Stop heat and glare from intruding into your vehicle and enjoy a more comfortable and safer drive.

Choose from an array of tinted window films and levels of protection to get just the right look and sun protection you desire. From basic and high- performance dyed films to metal combinations and top-performing all-metal films.

Professional Installation!

When applied by our professional installers, the window film smoothly hugs your vehicle – no bubbling or cracking. And by being professionally applied, the durable film will stay looking great, resist scratches, and provide optical clarity for many years to come.

7 Reasons To Tint Your Car’s Windows

check16x16  Appearance:

Professionally installed window film adds a stylish touch of elegance to compliment any vehicle’s appearance. Let’s face it, most people think a car with tinted windows just looks better!

check16x16  Comfort:

Today’s window film is extremely efficient at controlling the effects of solar energy. Tinting the side and rear windows of your vehicle can provide its interior with up to a 60% reduction in solar heat gain while parked in the sun, as compared to untinted glass.

check16x16  Privacy:

Select window films can reduce visibility from the outside and give you a good level of privacy. By cutting down on people seeing into your car, tinted windows also provide a good bit of security for items left in your car.

check16x16  Sunscreen:

Window film acts like sunscreen on your car by blocking 99% of the Sun’s harmful UV rays that are known to cause skin cancer.

check16x16  Interior:

Harmful UV rays and heat cause upholstery to crack and fade. Window film can block 99% of UV rays to greatly prevent fading of your vehicle’s interior.

check16x16  Glare:

Window tint reduces blinding glare from direct sun reflected off of other vehicles, buildings, water, snow, and the headlights of cars behind you at night, etc.

check16x16  Safety:

Window film helps keep glass from shattering on impact. In an auto accident, window film can help hold together shattered glass, protecting the car’s occupants from flyimg glass.

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